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Nächster Equal Pay Day: 18. März 2018


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Leadership Training

The new year begins with a great opportunity to develop your leadership
skills. Join our next BPW Leadership Training in Dusseldorf on 14/15 January 2017!
Learn about the different aspects of leadership and develop your own personal
leadership style! This inspirational and practical program empowers women in achieving their personal and professional goals and enhancing their management and
leadership skills. BPW Leadership Training for Women is a 2-day seminar. Practical exercises - case study analyses, role plays, impromptu presentations - are part of these intense and fun training days! Networking among members and sharing best practices add value for participations.
The program is developed by an international team of highly experienced trainers who are all BPW members and is developed in cooperation with BPW International Taskforce "Leadership & Lifelong Learning".


Target group:

We want our members to be successful leaders both in BPW and the corporate world. Therefore, we have specially developed a new leadership training program for women in leadership positions or for ambitious women who want to take the next step in their professional career.


This inspirational and practical program empowers women in achieving their personal and professional goals and enhancing their management and leadership skills.


The training consists of 3 topics with 15 modules in total.

It starts from the individual level (Me as a Leader), includes team processes (Me and My Team), and then continues with the organizational level of leadership (Organizational Leadership). Practical exercises and sharing best practices are essential elements of the training. The comprehensive view and the special setting of a female only group, make this program unique and offer an empowering environment for existing and future women leaders.

Topic 1: Me As a Leader - This module gives you the opportunity to learn about your own leadership qualities. You will discover the key factors of successful leadership and learn what others expect from leaders - personal strengths as well as overcoming obstacles.

Topic 2: Me and My Team - This module is about managing and growing teams, and about giving and receiving constructive feedback as leaders. It also looks into motivation, communication and conflict management skills, as well as into some intercultural awareness issues.

Topic 3: Organizational Leadership - In this module you will learn about you in organizations, how to manage change, communicate effectively, get a position on boards as well as sponsoring and mentoring techniques.

The extensive training material is written in English. The training itself
will be held in English and/or German depending on the participants' joint
Location:  Praxis Juchems, Reisholzer Str. 1, 40231 Düsseldorf
Participation fee:  -  BPW Members  380 €
                               -  Non Members   480 €
                               -  Students          180 €


Trainer: Dr. Sabine Küsters

For further information, please contact your trainer Sabine Küsters by phone
or e-mail: +49 2151 156751 and bpw-leadership@gmx.eu


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